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Antitrust Law: Interpretation and Implementation, 5th Edition

The new edition of this casebook, which welcomes Thom Lambert as a coauthor, remains true to its original goals, in that it:
  • Focuses more than other texts on lower-court interpretations and application of antitrust principles, minimizing the importance of older "classic cases" from the Supreme Court, except to the extent they influence antitrust today.
  • Makes use of materials from actual cases and real-life situations, materials such as complaints, expert reports, pleadings, and jury instructions.
  • Exposes the sorts of problems encountered (indeed, sometimes created) by lawyers who do not necessarily specialize in antitrust, but work in contract-related areas where antitrust concerns must be part of the attorney's planning and drafting.
  • Emphasizes that modern antitrust continues to evolve as a branch of applied microeconomics, but also that the learning required to be economically literate is neither as complicated nor as lengthy as presented in other texts.
  • Is geared for a one-semester course by presenting the antitrust basics in an economical way, omitting material that pads many other texts but which an instructor typically will not have time to cover.
  • Makes available to instructors a large set of visual-aid slides prepared specially for this book.

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